4 Common key selection criteria mistakes

4 Common key selection criteria mistakes and how to avoid them …


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19 Hidden Chrome Features

I came across some handy tips on how to fully utilise my Chrome Web Browser …


Do you have a favorite Web Browser? Do share with us your experiences.


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Printers under $200

j0262718  Although most of my work is done virtually and electronically, I still need a good printer for printing and scanning documents. I do need a RELIABLE printer! I have been using computers since early days and know many types of models, some good and some not so good! Having worked in many jobs at different companies it was frustrating for me to find some printers really let you down! Now you put in all your hard work, effort for a well presented document, and still … the printer won’t print, or gets jammed with paper or whatever! People around you start looking anxious, waiting for that overdue document to pop out of the printer!

With my experience in the Typing industry I have discovered that any type of Office equipment needs TLC and after some time spent on trying different ways to get it to do the job, you figure it out and TLC is one of them! I have owned a HP Multifuction Printer for over ten years now. It is a bit bulky on my desk, but it never lets me down. Now as I am contemplating a latest model and smaller version printer, I am on the lookout for a new one. So have discovered this little article which may help …



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Getting to know you!

Just a bit of cheer on this Monday morning with this tune playing from the radio!
I am inspired by this song ‘Getting to know you’ musical. I write many blog posts but don’t get much comments or feedback from my viewers! I am sure we can all benefit from more interaction!
So if you read this post today, do drop me a line and tell us a bit about yourself and how you found my blog!

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14 bad habits that drain your energy

We all face this problem of feeling tired, even though we feel we had a good night’s rest. So what causes this? I came across this article today. Hope it helps you in some way.


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Google to drop Internet Explorer 9 support in Adwords

Interesting to read the latest news from Google – 



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Post it Notes – Little Reminders to make big changes!

Post it Notes – Little Reminders to make big changes!

I love Post It Notes – always have from its first inception! I had post it notes everywhere, for my busy work schedules, stuck on my work board, on computer, diaries, reading books, all in different colours to help me identify just by looking at the colour. They really helped me get things done. Then came the Recycle age! We were told don’t waste paper, save money! So we had to stop using them. Now I work on my own business and don’t hesitate to use them. Do you use Post It Notes at all? Drop us a line here – 


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