Word Processing

ref=”http://xpressonline.wordpress.com/2010/02/10/which-database-program-to-use/42-15250726-2/” rel=”attachment wp-att-307″> Do you have a backlog of Manuals, Reports and Business Plans to be updated? We offer 7 days online assistance with updating and editing documents in Microsoft Word: 

  • Business Plans
  • Operating Manuals
  • Business Reports
  • Standard letters for Merging
  • Minutes of Meetings
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Books
  • Table of Contents
  • Templates

Some of the advantages of applying Styles to documents means you can include a Table of Contents and change a style in one paragraph that can apply to a large document – say 100 pages which could be time consuming doing it paragraph by paragraph.

All documents are handled confidentially, professionally and efficiently.  Each document is proofread and checked thoroughly before returning it to you.

If you need assistance at any time, please send your files to me at manager@xpress-secretary.com .

How to stop telemarketing calls

Let’s face it, we all get these sales calls at all times of day and evenings! I do appreciate that these callers have businesses to run, and I wish them well. However, there comes a time, when it can become more of a nuisance having to answer the phone and be put through question time, some thing we don’t need!

I didn’t mind the garden specials, or carpet and furnishing cleaning specials, window cleaning, etc., but when I get calls about financial services, that is a definite no no!

So today I found out that there is a way to stop these calls. Phone this number and activate your line prohibiting telemarketing calls 1300792958 (Aus). There should be a similar service in other countries. It is a free service. It takes 30 days to get processed and valid for 8 years.

- Mary

Stress free typing


Relax the weekend is here! Enjoy your cup of coffee while a virtual assistant can complete it before you finish your cuppa or second cuppa!

Virtual Assistants work 6 days a week – Monday to Saturday. It’s a bonus for overseas clients who can still send us work over the weekend or overnight due to the time difference.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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Scanned documents

Lately I have been receiving many requests for converting scanned documents. It is great that with the latest technology one can scan hard copies to electronic files, either to reduce paper clutter or to work on editing for future use. Sometimes it’s not that easy, especially when the hard copies are not good quality paper, its old and the print is fading. The scanned copy for reading only may be okay, but for later editing in Word you will find a lot of errors and characters added which need to be corrected. If the document is straight text there is minimum work involved, but if there are tables, graphs, images, etc, it could be incorrectly converted and will still need to be amended and reformatted. The time involved in amending a scanned document may be a little less than actually typing it afresh, but the document still needs to be fine tuned.

Email me your files at xpressonline@bigpond.com .

Best regards
Xpress Online Secretarial Services

Filing assistant to your rescue!

Its a boring and tedious task of every office – filing! Even with the advantages of electronic filing, we still need hard copy files. 

This is where a VA comes to your rescue! We can tackle any filing job and clear backlogs of filing paper with a streamlined filing system.

Recently I have taken on the task of clearing a backlog of filing which had piled up for over six months. Some offices have put this task on hold and in the end it was more frustrating to find a piece of paper quickly.

Please contact me at xpressonline@bigpond.com to discuss your requirements.

Best regards ~ Mary

Xpress Online Secretarial Services

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