How to minimise administration tasks

A client asked me today ‘so how does this system work?’.  I explained to him how he could save extra hours in a day (and $) just by organising a List of To Do Tasks for a Virtual Assistant.  Admin tasks have to be done daily or regularly, or else it will pile up and add to unnecessary stress.  Imagine if you had an extra couple of hours free today.  What would you do with those extra couple of hours?  Perhaps you could start building your customer base, networking, planning, creating new ideas to expand your business, talking to your customers, instead of slogging over typing, making phone calls, filing, etc. 

The VA system works exactly as if you had your PA in your office.  Its imperative for any business executive to have a daily routine to meet with his/her PA first thing in the morning for a couple of hours, go through the Mail, jot down Action required for each paper, whether it is to reply to a letter, forward it to another person, file it away, or WPB.  Instructions are given for other tasks to be done that day, whether to arrange a staff meeting, venue, catering, visual aids, organise travel arrangements, dictate letters, send out Notices or Agendas, etc.  This procedure is done daily in any office.  The executive and PA work together to ensure that systems and procedures are upto date and the office is running smoothly. 

This procedure works the same way with a Virtual Assistant.  Make a List of  tasks for your VA to work on for the rest of the day.  Book in a time slot e.g. 1/2 – 1 hour with your VA and discuss tasks for the day, either by phone or email.  This will leave you free to focus on other matters of running your office. 

The VA then sets aside sufficient time e.g. 1-2 hours to start working on your tasks straight away, for e.g. making phone calls, organising meetings, typing, post letters, arrange couriers, reply to correspondance, etc.  The VA can book in a time slot for each day to work on your tasks and you get billed only for that time for e.g. 1 hour or 2 hours. 

Billing is simple, as the VA issues an invoice weekly/monthly on the total time spent.  For e.g. if its 1 hour a day x 20 days @ $xx per hour = $xxxx.  There are no other costs involved, apart from probably postage, paper and printing, phone call charges.

The VA today is an experienced and professional secretary, online 7 days and able to  handle most secretarial tasks within 24 hours.

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About Mary Jordon

Professional and highly skilled Secretary, providing online help with typing. Assists clients in Australia and also USA and UK with formatting documents and transcription of audio recordings - research focus groups, academic, legal/medical. Skilled in Word Processing, Web applications, Transcriptions, Resumes, Writing letters and reports, formatting Manuals, PowerPoint Presentations, Newsletters, Blog management, Social Media management. Online Monday to Saturday
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