Etiquette – Emails

One hardly hears that word these days – etiquette.  Are there any formal written rules for emailing/texting?  I have not seen any formal written rules for emailing/texting, except those rules drawn up by companies for their staff to follow.  And if there were, do people adhere to these rules?  It is so easy to type out emails/sms and click on the ‘Send’  button without a second thought. It is when we get the reply that we realise  (too late!) that our message could be misconstrued to mean something else.  So re-read your messages before clicking the ‘Send’ button and keep in mind that someone else could quite easily read your message as well. 

  • How do you address an email message?  An email message is still a letter/memo sent by electronic exchange, so it should be set out the same way.
  • Before you compose your message, gather all your facts and figures to be sent in one message, rather than sending multiple messages on the same subject. 
  •  Avoid sending ‘chain’ emails.
  • Lets minimise everyone’s stress levels!  Before sending attachments, check the size of the file(s) – this could take hours to upload/download. Send smaller files rather than multiple files. 
  • When forwarding emails check that the message you are sending is intended for the recipient only and does not contain information that is highly confidential.
  • Do you clear your ‘Deleted Items’ folder in your Inbox regularly? Interesting what you could find in there!  Set up Outlook/Outlook Express to automatically clear your Deleted Items folder when you exit Outlook/Outlook Express.

 Here is some additional information on email etiquette …


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