My virtual office

Although I have a beautiful office in the city (Melbourne), most of my work is online.  Clients visit to drop off their work – typing, tapes for transcription, cds, etc. People are surprised as to how I work when I explain to them that most of my interaction and communication is online through email.  Its much quicker to exchange files electronically through the internet, than faxing or posting papers.  I find most people are online these days, they’re 24/7 on Facebook, Twitter, MSN, mobile phones, IPhones, etc. I enjoy the interaction online and providing a quick solution to customer’s needs.  People are surprised and happy at how quick and smooth the service is. Almost all types of administrative assistance can be handled efficiently and quickly.

How does it work? Clients find me through my website which has my email address and phone numbers.  Most clients contact me through my Contact form on my website. When they fill in the form, the form arrives immediately in my Email Inbox . I read through their details quickly and either phone or email them with an estimated quote and turnaround time.

For example, yesterday a customer paid me directly through PayPal link on my website for a resume service. I received instant notification. I contacted him for further clarification. He sent me his resume to be quickly edited and formatted. Within a couple of hours the work was completed and the result a happy customer.

What type of work can I assist you with:

  • Formatting Word documents e.g. Manuals, Policies, Procedures, include a Table of Contents, format style sheets.
  • Convert PDF electronic files to Word.
  • Transcribe digital recordings, video recordings.
  • Organise meetings, appointments.
  • Order goods and services.
  • Travel arrangements.
  • Set up Web Blogs, Facebook profile, Twitter profile, Web Pages
  • Interact/liaise with customers online through social media.
  • Update database of customers
  • PowerPoint slide presentations.

Contact me at


About Mary Jordon

Professional and highly skilled Secretary, providing online help with typing. Assists clients in Australia and also USA and UK with formatting documents and transcription of audio recordings - research focus groups, academic, legal/medical. Skilled in Word Processing, Web applications, Transcriptions, Resumes, Writing letters and reports, formatting Manuals, PowerPoint Presentations, Newsletters, Blog management, Social Media management. Online Monday to Saturday
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