Start-up admin assistance

Starting up a business from scratch and maintaining it for the first year can be a bit daunting, as the new owner needs to spend time on marketing his/her business, building relationships with clients, budgeting, financial planning, etc.

It would be beneficial in the long term if business owners used the services of a Virtual Assistant to handle the day to day admin tasks associated with keeping the business running efficiently.

If the cost of hiring a VA stops you from using a VA services, then there is no need for concern. A VA can start providing you a regular service from as little as 2 hours per week to keep your office upto date. There are no additional fees, apart from the hours actually worked. Other oncosts may be incurred if there are postage, paper/printing, telephone calls, emails. Employing a fulltime Secretary costs $35,000+ per annum (approx), plus other costs of office space, equipment, etc. Using our Virtual Assistant services will cost you less than half a fulltime wage, saving you valuable time and money that can be invested into your business. Plus you get the assurance of dealing with fast, efficient and professional secretaries only.

Types of services we offer:

  • Typing of documents and assistance with Business Plans/ Procedures
  • Transcription of audio and video files
  • Book-keeping in Quickbooks/MYOB/Excel
  • Answering telephone calls and replies to emails
  • Photocopying/printing/postage
  • Newsletters
  • Organise meetings
  • Filing – set up efficient systems
  • Routine admin.
If you need to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to contact me on or use the Contact Form above to send me a direct message.
Have a great week!
Xpress Online
Secretarial Services
PO Box 328
Flemington, Victoria 3031

About Mary Jordon

Professional and highly skilled Secretary, providing online help with typing. Assists clients in Australia and also USA and UK with formatting documents and transcription of audio recordings - research focus groups, academic, legal/medical. Skilled in Word Processing, Web applications, Transcriptions, Resumes, Writing letters and reports, formatting Manuals, PowerPoint Presentations, Newsletters, Blog management, Social Media management. Online Monday to Saturday
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