Time changes everything …

3929198-portrait-of-clock-faced-businessperson-touching-his-head“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
― Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

With the start of the new year its an exciting time to plan the new calendar, restructure, focus on important projects, and most importantly have spare time to relax and enjoy life.

Its a fact that we are spending more time on the internet and technology. With the advancement of technology it was envisaged that it would save time, but it hasn’t. Social networking sites are an addiction. I see people walking on the street with their heads bent down and looking at their mobile phones, even on public transport. They are not taking in their surroundings. There is so much information on the internet highway that you can get lost in time. I have found myself in that same situation and was looking for help to set up time slots for these internet activities.

Through my various networking groups I found out about RescueTime. I have installed the Lite version to see how it works and a week has passed. I received a report today telling me exactly how much time I spent on the computer on various applications – Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Emails, browsing the net, on Facebook, Twitter.

Take a look at this website and share with us any ideas on how to best make use of our time on the computer …


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Mary Jordon

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About Mary Jordon

Professional and highly skilled Secretary, providing online help with typing. Assists clients in Australia and also USA and UK with formatting documents and transcription of audio recordings - research focus groups, academic, legal/medical. Skilled in Word Processing, Web applications, Transcriptions, Resumes, Writing letters and reports, formatting Manuals, PowerPoint Presentations, Newsletters, Blog management, Social Media management. Online Monday to Saturday xpressonline@bigpond.com.
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One Response to Time changes everything …

  1. With our ever-expanding technology, I’ve seen my own battle with time management become more and more difficult. I feel like social media sites tempt me and somehow hours of my days are gone, piece by piece. What I’ve done to combat this is block-schedule my tasks and my time so I know I should only be working on a single thing at that moment. I can no longer find excuses to browse the web when I know I should be writing. So far it has worked well for me!


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