Post it Notes – Little Reminders to make big changes!

I love Post It Notes – always have from its first inception! I had post it notes everywhere, for my busy work schedules, stuck on my work board, on computer, diaries, reading books, all in different colours to help me identify just by looking at the colour. They really helped me get things done. Then came the Recycle age! We were told don’t waste paper, save money! So we had to stop using them. Now I work on my own business and don’t hesitate to use them. Do you use Post It Notes at all? Drop us a line here – 


About Mary Jordon

Professional and highly skilled Secretary, providing online help with typing. Assists clients in Australia and also USA and UK with formatting documents and transcription of audio recordings - research focus groups, academic, legal/medical. Skilled in Word Processing, Web applications, Transcriptions, Resumes, Writing letters and reports, formatting Manuals, PowerPoint Presentations, Newsletters, Blog management, Social Media management. Online Monday to Saturday
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