Need help writing your resume or CV?  It can be daunting I know. Where do you start? What sort of information do you need to fit into this brief and concise document?  Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. Start today, start preparing your resume.  Whether you have just graduated from school and looking for a job, or if you have studied and worked for a long time, whatever stage of life you are at, now is the time to sit down and write out your career history.

I have been helping people with their resumes and succeeding in getting an interview.

If you have never prepared a resume and are now looking at updating your C.V./resume, please contact me at .  I will assist you step by step on how to prepare a Cover letter and a resume.  I have been assisting job seekers for the past 10 years and helped them to get that first job interview within a few months.

Tips: Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the job searching process.

  1. Be prepared.  Always keep a file of all your Certificates, and relevant documents relating to your Education, Work History, Qualifications, Awards, etc.
  2. If you have lost your certificates, you can contact previous schools/universities/colleges and even the company you worked at to try and get a copy sent to you by post or email.
  3. Keep a printed copy of your resume/CV on file as well as on your computer/cd or disc.
Definition of a Resume/CV From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
résumé is a document that contains a summary or listing of relevant job experience and education. The résumé or CV is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview, when seeking employment.
The proper spelling, according to the Professional Association of Résumé Writers, is ‘résumé.

Whether you are a school leaver, graduate, manager, consultant, tradesman, CEO, Director, etc., I can prepare a C.V. to suit the job you are applying for.  For 24 hour assistance, please contact me at .

Good luck in your career search!

Mary Jordon

Ph: 0408 996 534 / 03 9376 6126



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